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Fairly Imbalanced News
Tuesday, June 25, 2019
Pear Bulb Revolutionizes Clean Energy
The ongoing hunt for clean renewable energy takes another gigantic step forward with the invention of the Pear Bulb. The company behind the product, W... read more »
Revolutionary New Samsung Mobile Phone Doubles as Ninja Weapon
Popular mobile phone maker Samsung has taken the phone growth craze to a disturbingly cool level. Their new mobile device, the Samsung Street Ninja, d... read more »
Confirmed: Super Short Click Bait News Articles Infuriate Readers
Hmm, guess I better think up some sort of content for this non-article. Um, how about we entertain ourselves by stringing random words together into a... read more »
Marine Private Revolutionizes Sniper Detection
As military budgets continue to skyrocket out of control, one savvy Marine has developed an ingenious new sniper detection technology. He calls it ''T... read more »
Cell Phone Use Causing People to Glow John Boehner Orange
Cell phone use has been linked to an skin pigmentation disorder that turns the user bright orange. The skin condition is commonly referred to as be... read more »

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