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Fairly Imbalanced News
Thursday, May 23, 2019
Black Friday Time Paradox Swallows Unsuspecting Consumers
The sadly hilarious tradition of Black Friday has finally created its own consumer paradox. Black Friday, America's big post-Thanksgiving shopping... read more »
German Clone Factory Churns Out Funny Women
It is a long held belief that women simply aren't funny. Well, one German company is seeking to change that perception. The long running female hum... read more »
Bill Gates Clone Army Seeks World Domination
Bill Gates is amassing an army of clones hell-bent on world domination. His super secret plan was discovered when an undated photo was uncovered of... read more »
Struggling Families Supported by Family Dogs
Times are tough these days with a struggling economy and high unemployment. As families continue to sink deeper and deeper into their financial depres... read more »
Frog Titanic Sets Sail on Maiden Voyage
In a momentous achievement for frogkind everywhere, the highly anticipated Frog Titanic has set sail. The 7-day voyage will see a group of wealthy... read more »

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