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Tuesday, June 25, 2019
Obama Caught Snoozing, Confirms Socialist Muslim Agenda
Posted by Chops
Obama engaging is his Socialist Muslim snoozing stance in an effort to destroy America.

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In perhaps the most damning evidence yet of President Barack Obama's Socialist Muslim agenda, he has been caught snoozing during a staff meeting with a hand on his chin.

As we all know, Obama has been hatching an evil plan of Socialist Muslim domination since his Kenyan birth back in 1961. His ruthless determination to become the first African American President has given him the power to systematically destroy America from the inside out and cement his place as the greatest Socialist Muslim long player in the history of the world.

At this point in the game, the 72 virgins are almost certainly his.

The horrifying picture, already known as ''Snoozegate'', was taken in a recent staff meeting. We presume this meeting was about the next phase of Obama's extremist plan, i.e. the methodical rounding up of all good Christians into concentration camps where they will be forced to convert to Islam or be subjected to forced gay sex.

Earl Binkman, a world expert on hand-chin placement, was brought in to analyze the photo. He confirmed that this is indeed an Islamic stance with strong Socialist undertones.

''No one but an extremist jihadist Muslim would place his hand on his chin this way,'' exerted Binkman. ''He is praising Allah and musing on his overthrow of the US Government. No question about it.''

Binkman's vast credentials include a high school diploma, two months of community college, and certification as a pet psychic. He began studying hand-chin biological psychology online and quickly achieved his status as a leading world expert. We reached out to his colleagues, but couldn't find any.

''He's a good Christian man doing God's work,'' said neighbor Susan Pearson. ''That Obama is the anti-Christ. I'm convinced that he gives children cancer, kicks puppies, and is directly responsible for 9/11.''

We contacted the White House for comment, but were thwarted by a Socialist Muslim busy signal. We expect a statement of denial shortly, which will only further confirm suspicion.

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