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Tuesday, June 25, 2019
SHOCKING: Grumpy Cat Brutally Murdered by Angry Cat
Posted by Chops
Chili Powder, a.k.a. "Angry Cat", in an undated photo.

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Internet meme sensation Tardar Sauce, a.k.a. "Grumpy Cat", has been found brutally murdered at a local Arizona park.

The killer, now in custody, has been identified as Chili Powder, a.k.a. "Angry Cat", a longtime friend of Tardar Sauce. No specific motive has been uncovered. However, Chili Powder has long been known to be bitterly jealous of Tardar Sauce's fame and constant media attention.

We contacted Tardar Sauce's owner, a heartbroken Tabatha Bundesen, for comment.

"What the hell are you talking about? Tardar's not dead," she said in obvious denial.

Chili Powder's long criminal record includes stints with violent pussy gangs around their hometown of Morristown, Arizona. He has been implicated in multiple cat fights, but never formally charged.

When pressed, Ms. Bundesen confessed, "Are you high? Tardar's right here on my lap."

It's obvious that the intense emotion trauma has caused Ms. Bundesen to hallucinate.

Chili Powder is currently being held at the local Humane Society under lock and key.

"Due to Grumpy Cat's beloved celebrity status, there is a high probability of vigilante vengeance," said local Animal Control representative Skip Davis. "This is why we have two heavily armed guards stationed outside of Chili Powder's cage."

Formal charges and arraignment are expected soon. Bail has been set at $50.

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