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Thursday, May 23, 2019
Frog Titanic Sets Sail on Maiden Voyage
Posted by Chops
An eager passenger aboard the Frog Titanic shortly before its maiden voyage across the Mississippi River.

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In a momentous achievement for frogkind everywhere, the highly anticipated Frog Titanic has set sail.

The 7-day voyage will see a group of wealthy elite frogs cross the Mississippi River from somewhere in Tennessee to somewhere in Arkansas. Ticket prices started at an impressively expensive 75 house flies and ranged all the way up to 3,000 Peruvian mantises for upper deck suites.

When approached for comment, the ship's captain hopped away in fear.

The massive 9-meter long ship took upwards of 5 years to complete. It is fashioned out of super strong pine tree bark, various weeds, and is held together by frog saliva. The ship's famed architect has praised the vessel as ''totally sinkable''.

Family members bid each other farewell under the assumption that no passenger would ever be heard from again. Frog bookies are taking bets on which hour the ship will capsize. Hour 1 is the most popular with 96% of the bets.

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